Kootenay Springs Softub

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About Kootenay Springs Softub

Kootenay Springs Softub is a Riondel home based business selling Canada's best portable hot tub. We provide a full line of water treatment products featuring Nature2, a low chlorine oxygen system. We also service all our Softubs here. This year we celebrate 10 years in business along with Softub's 25th Canadian anniversary. Come and see us in wonderful Riondel. Please call 250-354-8557 to set up an appointment.

Softub 140

The Softub 140 is the perfect hot tub for couples and/or hydrotherapy; for patios or areas with little space.

Capacity: 1-2 people
Outside diameter: 150 cm
Number of massage jets: 4 Jets
LED Light Therapy

Softub 220

The Softub 220 is spacious enough for 3 to 4 people to relax together. Ideal for a family with 1-2 children or simply for those with little yard or patio space who want a cozy, intimate spa where they can spend some time with their nearest and dearest.. Capacity: 3-4 people
Outside diameter: 180 cm
Number of massage jets: 5 Jets
LED Light Therapy

Softub 300

Of the three Softub sizes available, the Softub 300 hot tub is the most popular with a capacity of up to 6 people, it offers enough space for the entire family to relax in comfort.

Capacity: 5-6 people
Outside diameter: 200 cm
Number of massage jets: 7 Jets
LED Light Therapy

Contact Us

To get more informations, or to order your own softub, please contact us. Pricing on the Softub varies between $4000 for the 140s, $4900 for the 220s and 5500$ for the 300s. All our prices include delivery, set up and water treatment starter kit. Just add water and taxes!

Kootenay Springs Softub
Riondel BC V0B 2B0
250-354-8557 ames@bluebell.ca